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The Soundfield was founded in 2011 by Editor and Recording Engineer Johnny Hernandez, a native from San Francisco, California.


As an aspiring filmmaker and sound designer,  Johnny has worked on many freelance projects with various musicians and filmmakers. His passion and dedication is reflected in the work displayed on this site.


He has proudly collaborated with various international artists   regardless of  budget. At The Soundfield  we  offer post production services including editing, color correction, ADR, sound design and mixing and mastering - all at one location.


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The Soundfield delivers quality sound  and picture for any filmmaker on a budget. Whether you need a boom operator or simply syncing audio for your picture.


We also do ADR services,voice over and record audio books; we do it for the best price possible. We also specialize in Web videos for small to larger sized businesses.


The Soundfield  provides a creative space for filmmakers and also guided assistance from pre-production to production, so each filmmaker feels solid about their masterpiece. We will always find you the best gear for your film regardless of  your budget.


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